The Best Skincare Routine for Athletes with High Expectations

A Note From Our Founder

Being a competitor is tough on your skin.

I’ve seen the grit, passion, and drive in my own daughter during her journey as a
cheer athlete. I’ve seen the same beautiful persistence in her fellow teammates
and at competitions all over the country.

Alumni was founded to celebrate that very brilliant radiance from the inside out. We are the first clean
skincare brand to truly empower athletes in their journey to the top by
formulating products that withstand the makeup, sweat, protective gear, and
weather your skin must endure. At Alumni, our mission is to believe in and bring out the inner star within everybody — no matter who you are.



Skin You’ll Be Proud of Now & Later

Our Promise to You

Overall Health

Clean and natural ingredients block harmful toxins and promote well-being.


On-the-go packaging and easy-to-follow skincare steps that fit your lifestyle.

Athlete Approved

Products that help balance oil production and Ph to prevent skin problems before they surface.

What We’re About

Though we’ll always have a soft spot in our hearts for cheer, we’re here for all athletes. We’re all about love, acceptance, and boosting confidence so you can focus on what matters. It’s about getting to and from practice, games, and competitions with products made for your level of intensity. Our formulas and product packaging were designed to keep up with the stringent demands on your skin, so you’ve got one less thing to worry about. Toss us in your gym bag and bring us along – we’ve got your back!

Our Pledge To Give Back.

Cheer athletes often struggle to overcome expectations, such as looking a certain way, having the best equipment, the right makeup, and the newest shoes. Because of this, we are committing to donating 1% of all our profits to USA Cheer to support under-resourced families and provide top notch gear to athletes around the country, so they can level up, too.